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Archive for July 24th, 2006


Atget’s Paris


Photography by Eugène Atget (1857–1927).

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For once the hyperbole about a new band is justified. Through the Windowpane is a great album.

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Thomas Pynchon – A Journey into the Mind of [P.]


Thomas Pynchon – A Journey into the Mind of [P.] (2001) Written and directed by Fosco Dubini and Donatello Dubini Music by The Residents Language: English Runtime: 96mins “Things are not as they seem.” In US writer Thomas Pynchon’s case, this is a mantra, cornerstone to a life and labyrinthine oeuvre freighted with ceaseless speculation. […]

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Le horreur cosmique


I’ll be in Paris this week so some French-related postings are in order. Michel Houellebecq’s HP Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life (which I still haven’t read) has been in the news again recently, with a number of reviews appearing in UK newspapers and magazines, most of which present the by-now rather tired spectacle of […]

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“feed your head”