Davy Jones


No, not the dreadful singer from The Monkees but he of the undersea locker and also the new villain in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Bill Nighy plays this splendidly-designed character, with the assistance of some CGI to get those tentacles working. I’ve still not seen the first film but the look of this makes me more interested in the series as a whole.

Aside from William Hope Hodgson‘s sea tales, the pirates plus voodoo/Sargasso Sea angle has rarely been exploited properly in fiction. Tim Powers had a go in On Stranger Tides but the results fell rather flat. In film there’s been hardly anything apart from the Hammer oddity The Lost Continent (1968), based on Uncharted Seas, a Dennis Wheatley potboiler that plundered Hodgson’s Sargasso Sea stories. The new Pirates film may be about to amend this situation; Davy Jones looks like something dreamed up after a heavy diet of Hodgson and HP Lovecraft.

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  1. I think the character of Davy Jones in POC is the most magnificent marriage between modern imagination and anglo-saxon folklore I’ve ever seen. Anyone who loves nautical tales will fall in love with the character in the second POC….however…..


    He was the best thing about the movie, and they killed him off????!!!!

  2. Is this image copyrighted by someone, cuz I was wondering if I could like, edit it and then post it on a forum, but I don’t know if it’s copyrighted

  3. It’s a concept sketch which has been released publically and?in the US at least?its limited reproduction on pages like this is covered under the fair use rules of copyright. So you can use it as is (although don’t take my word for that, I’m no lawyer…), just don’t hotlink it from my page, download it first please. :)

  4. listen davy jones from the monkees is not a dreadful singer he has the most adorable accent there is and i wanna hear u sing if u think he is so bad. Davy jones from pirates of the carribean is so lame. yuck that thing is soooooooo ugly. there shouldnt even be a website for it! YUCK! only a pethetic lloser wood like davy jones from pirates of the carribean. i love the movie but the chacter davy jones is a weirdo.

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