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Archive for February 14th, 2006


The Atlas Coelestis of Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr


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The art of Stanislav Szukalski, 1893–1987


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David Rudkin on Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr


Vampyr, Der Traum des Allan Gray (1932) is one of the founding and defining works of psychological horror cinema, adapted from Gothic stories by Sheridan Le Fanu, a disturbing narrative of vampirism, obsession and posession of the soul. But it is also a film directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, the revered and legendary Danish director […]

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The lost art of sleeve design


Listening to the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers recently had me musing about the great cover design by Andy Warhol, probably his most well-known after the first Velvet Underground album. The music may sound better than it ever did in the Seventies but CD reissues can’t reproduce the brilliant sleeve which included a real metal zipper […]

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Seawards by Sickoakes


Sickoakes on Type Records.

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