My Surfing Lucifer by Kenneth Anger


One for completists only, My Surfing Lucifer (2009) is one of those recent Kenneth Anger shorts that would receive little attention if we didn’t know the director. Anger’s surfing friend, Bunker Spreckels, is memorialised in a sequence of home movie shots set to the Psychic TV version of Good Vibrations. For me the main point of interest is the use of “Lucifer” in the title, here used not in the context of Anger’s favourite angel but in the sense of a more mundane figure worthy of veneration. Putting a mythic frame around something that in other hands would be quite unremarkable connects this piece, however tenuously, to the more substantial productions of the director’s career.

Anger turned 86 this year, and he’s still keeping busy. His most recent film is another short entitled Airships. He talks a little about that here.

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