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I did have another Ludwig post planned for today but that’s been set aside for a different kind of fabulosity following the news that Kenneth Anger has made a new film. Italian fashion house Missoni commissioned Anger to make a short promo for their Fall/Winter collection and you can see the delirious results in high-resolution here. The film features Missoni family members peering out from among the layered moons and stars while the titles are by Arthur magazine’s Psychedelic Healing Visions Correspondent, Alia Penner.


“I’m fascinated by Kenneth Anger’s use of color and his ability to transform a film into a three-dimensional texture, a fabric of images in movement,” explained Angela Missoni.  This is how she introduced her decision to entrust the Missoni F/W 2011 campaign to one of America’s most famous authors and directors of avant-garde cinema.

Anger—a hyperactive octogenarian who loves working in the wee hours of the night and at dawn using sophisticated instruments such as the RED digital camera that has the characteristics of a classic 35 mm camera—flew in from Los Angeles to film the campaign in Sumirago that involved all the members of the great Missoni family. They are the stars of this campaign that was conceived as a series of superimposed and overlapping portraits. (More.)

Via Arthur!

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8 thoughts on “Missoni by Kenneth Anger”

  1. Praise be to Lucifer! This has made my day, if not week. Thanks for posting this John, I’m in love with it! So many allusions to his Magick Lantern Cycle, especially Pleasure Dome… Can’t believe my eyes. And best of all, if you use a naughty application like KeepVid, it’s downloadable in Hi-def! Perhaps Missoni got the idea after Rodarte featured Anger their excellent and magickal ad last year? Gobsmacked…

  2. Anger was in an ad? I missed that one. It’s a shame that no one else has managed to offer him this kind of opportunity. Channel 4, for example, could have commissioned something in the days when they had money for films by the Quay Brothers and others.

  3. Dave C: What a great little film. Thanks!

    Uroskin: I am, of course, profoundly jealous.

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