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Arriving in the post this week, the Lynda E. Rucker story collection with my art on the dustjacket and the printed boards. This is a typically high-quality production from Swan River Press which comes with the usual complement of postcards and bookmark. I’ve already written something about the art but now the book is in print you can see the texture of the stock that covers the boards. I like the way this works with the texture of the drawing.

The book is available now. All copies are signed by the author, by Rob Shearman (who wrote the introduction), and by myself.



2 thoughts on “Now it’s here”

  1. Hey John, comments are closed on your previous post about how you created the cover art (I only came across it in the past couple of days) but I really enjoyed reading about it how you came up with the idea. When we were knocking around ideas for the cover, I mentioned your name because I’d loved the work you did on another Swan River Press volume I was in, The Far Tower. Thank you for the wonderful insight into your process and the gorgeous work.

  2. Hi Lynda, and thanks! I was really pleased to work on this one, it’s an impressive collection. I had a strange dream about insects after Brian sent me the first batch of stories. Things I work on don’t usually affect me so much that I dream about them so readily.

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