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The Major Arcana (2006): a C-type print on Fuji gloss paper. A1 or A2 sizes.

I’m continuing to add artwork to Etsy which will be available as prints in a variety of sizes and papers. I would have done more of this by now but I’m still very busy working through the commissions of the past few months so progress has been slow. The system does actually work as intended, however, with orders being routed automatically to the printer then printed and shipped within 24 hours. The initial setup may take longer than places like CafePress but the benefits are multiple, not only a faster turnaround (and cheaper worldwide postage) but now I can create prints of any size I want, and with a variety of papers and finishes. Most of the items there at the moment are the things I consider “greatest hits” so the latest additions include new poster versions of my psychedelic Alice in Wonderland artwork, together with the International Symbols Tarot poster and yet more Lovecraftiana. Requests are, of course, still welcome.


Psychedelic Wonderland (2009): a C-type print on Fuji gloss paper. A1 or A2 sizes.


Psychedelic Looking-Glass (2010): a C-type print on Fuji gloss paper. A1 or A2 sizes.


Cthulhu (1998): a giclée print on Canson Aquarelle rag paper. A3 size.


Dagon (1999): a giclée print on Canson Aquarelle rag paper. A3 size.

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6 thoughts on “Prints update”

  1. Probably a deeply annoying question – apols in advance if so – but are you considering completing the tarot deck? I’d like one very much.

  2. Not an annoying question but it’s one that gets asked quite often in relation to that design.

    I did have plans to fill out the Minor Arcana using similar symbols but the task would be much more difficult than it was with the Major Arcana; and that set caused a few problems of its own when it required details you don’t find on these kinds of signs. The trouble with the other cards is that there are a lot more of them, and they require many more figures in all manner of poses. It’s not an intractable problem but it’s one that would require considerable time and ingenuity to be done properly. Every time I’ve considered giving it another go I’ve given up but it’s something I may yet come back to. One reason to do so is that Tarot manufacturers would be interested in a complete deck. But they insist that the Minor Arcana are individual designs, you can’t get away with filling out the cards with Wands, Cups and so on.

  3. Thank you! I had wondered, and I suspected the question had been asked before. I do understand the problem, though. I occasionally look for something like this that isn’t just another RWS variant (and I appreciate that the iconography would be a huge amount of work in itself), and never seem to find anything, but of course publishers.

  4. Tarot design is a very tempting thing to consider until you realise how much work is involved in creating 78 unique designs. I respect anyone who’s done this even when the results aren’t too good.

    There’s a huge amount of choice today but the designs are invariably pictorial and very detailed. I’d never seen anyone attempt a minimal design like this, and I liked the challenge of limiting myself to using pre-existing symbols. For serious designs I don’t think you can beat the Waite/Smith and the Crowley/Harris decks.

  5. The one thing I did try to buy from CafePress, and balked at the postage being more than the item itself, was the Snakes & Ladders tile. Any chance of this being available or, understandably because it’s a tile, is that too difficult? Thanks

  6. CafePress do have an advantage in that they allow print-on-demand for objects such as tiles, clocks, etc. But as you say, the postage is a problem, more than ever since the US rates increased.

    For the moment I’m concentrating on doing prints rather than anything else, with Skull Print also providing an outlet for T-shirt printing. High-quality prints is something I’ve been wanting to provide for many years so I intend to keep adding to the available designs. I would have added more by now but ongoing work takes priority.

    Where Snakes and Ladders is concerned I could do a print of the CD insert since this opens out into a single sheet with the Snakes and Ladders board game inside.

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