Paul Laffoley, 1940–2015


Alchemy: The Telnomic Process of the Universe (1973).

Another week, another incomparable artist gone. This small selection of Laffoley’s unique art and sculpture manages to combine references to (among other things) alchemy, William Blake, Charles Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde, HP Lovecraft, Mark of the Vampire, and Night of the Demon. And this is only a fraction of his work. Richard Metzger has a memorial post at Dangerous Minds together with more paintings and some video links. There’s more at the official website and Kent Fine Art. It’s good to read that the University of Chicago Press will be publishing The Essential Paul Laffoley in March, 2016.


The Death and Life of Monsieur Sebastian Melmoth: Au Théâtre du Grand Guignol (2001–2003).


The Solitron (1997).


Pickman’s Mephitic Models (2004).


The Flower of Evil (1971).

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  1. I first saw a good selection of his work at The Alternative Guide to The Universe exhibition at the Hayward Gallery a couple of years ago and was really taken with it. They were largish pictures but they had a lot of tiny details in them that you had to get close up to appreciate and the colours were very vivid. I’ll have to check out the book when it’s published and get myself a decent magnifying glass. Thanks to Mr. Zone for the link to the interview by the way; it was most interesting.

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