As should be evident by now, I’m off to Providence for NecronomiCon 2015 so the blog will be taking a break for a few days. The archive feature will be in operation during this time to pull up random posts from the past.

In a previous post about NecronomiCon I mentioned having designed a cover for the convention booklet so here it is. If all goes to plan, the gold lattice should be printed as a metallic ink overlay. The pentagonal labyrinth is a borrowing from the George Hay Necronomicon (see this post) but the sigils are my own invention; each one relates to a specific Lovecraftian deity but I’ll let people guess the assignations. The Providence postcard is a genuine one that I doctored slightly. This was a fortuitous find since some of the locations have connections with the convention. Anyone curious about the convention’s progress is advised to check the Facebook page.


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3 thoughts on “Providential”

  1. John,

    great work, but posting in case I can’t find you another way. We met in the Lovecraft shop, and I wanted you to know that I have a proper Motorola charger that you could borrow for your phone.

    I’ll have Despina get it to the store, so you can pick it up in the afternoon, if you’re not yet sorted for power.

  2. Mitchell: Thanks!

    David: Thanks also. I’m back home now, and this is the first time I’ve looked at anything on the internet since leaving. As for the phone problem, Brian and I tried a number of stores (including the fabled Walmart) without success before Brian suggested that the TV in my hotel room might charge the phone from its USB port. This turned out to be the solution. Failing that, a computer would have done the job, something I ought to have thought of since I power the phone from my computer all the time.

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