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Currently racking up the bids at eBay (again) is an early draft of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s script for his ill-fated film of Dune. Aside from some diverting glimpses of dialogue and plot elaboration, what’s most interesting about the draft is the character and scene sketches, some of which are sampled below. I’ve still not seen the documentary about the unmade film so I can’t say whether any of these have appeared in public before but if they have they’re new to me. No artist is credited but the naive style rules out both Moebius and HR Giger (who arrived late to the project in any case). Best bet is either Jodorowsky himself—in 1967 he was writing and illustrating a comic strip, Fabulas Panicas—or Jodorowsky’s colleague from the Panic Movement days, Roland Topor. In the early 70s Topor was working with René Laloux on the animated SF film Fantastic Planet.


Many of the conceptions differ radically from the more graceful designs that Moebius produced later on. Also of note are details such as the anal entrance to the Emperor’s throne room, a Harkonnen orgy and an insemination scene viewed from inside Jessica’s vagina. By the time Giger joined the production team the instruction was not to create anything too erotic or adult since the film needed to reach a large audience.

There’s more from the Dune script (and larger copies of these images) here. (Thanks to Jay for the tip!)










A proposed shot that’s remarkably similar to a page from Yragael (1974) by Philippe Druillet (below): same perspective, brickwork, scorpion tails and crashing waves. Jodorowsky had asked Druillet to work on Dune but Druillet apparently took umbrage during an early discussion.






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3 thoughts on “Dune designs”

  1. Many of the conceptions differ radically from the more graceful designs that Moebius produced later on.

    Many seem to be designed in the style of Tarot trumps.

  2. That’s not so surprising given Jodorowsky’s interests. The Emperor also has a kind of Kabbalistic medallion around his neck.

  3. a Harkonnen orgy
    Also Druillet-inspired? Particularly panels from Urm and Lone Sloane – Delirius.

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