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It’s those calendars again. I’ve had requests recently to put my Lewis Carroll-themed psychedelic designs back on sale but the past few months have been pretty work-heavy, and since I deleted the original product pages it was going to require some effort to make new ones. This weekend I finally found the time to tackle the CafePress upload system and make them available again. I’ve taken the year date off the covers so both calendars will remain available in the future. See below for details.

Meanwhile, this year’s Cthulhu Calendar is still on sale and proving almost as popular as the Wonderland one did in 2009. Thanks again for the support!


A Mad Tea-Party from Psychedelic Wonderland (2009).

• Psychedelic Wonderland at CafePress | See preview pages here.


Jabberwocky from Through the Psychedelic Looking-Glass (2010).

• Through the Psychedelic Looking-Glass at CafePress | See preview pages here.

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