Colour photography, 1908


Portrait of Jessie M. King by J. Craig Annan (autochrome).

I don’t recall having seen a photo of artist Jessie M. King prior to this so it’s an additional surprise to find one in colour. All these examples are from Colour Photography: and other recent developments of the art of the camera (1908), one of the many books edited by Charles Holme from features in The Studio magazine. Needless to say, not all the entries are colour but a number of the monochrome plates have their own qualities, such as that painterly effect which so many early photographers were eager to cultivate. Anyone familiar with Gertrude Käsebier’s very painterly The Crystal Gazer, famous for its appearance on the cover of a Cocteau Twins sleeve, may like to know that two more portraits by Ms Käsebier are included in Holme’s selection. For a look at more recent attempts to match the effects of painting with the camera, see this piece by Rick Poynor about the remarkable work of Saul Leiter.


A Tangle After a Storm by Walter Bennington.


A Late Winter Sun by Dr. H. Bachmann (gum print).


Louise by Robert Demachy.


Study of a Head by Siri Fischer-Schneevoigt.


The Sisters by Frank Eugene (autochrome).


Liverpool — An Impression by J. Dudley Johnston.


Christmas Roses by F. W. Urquhart (autochrome).


The Thames by E. Warner (oil print).

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  1. Hello -I am very interested to see your information on Colour Photography 1908 edited by Holme. I have a copy of this book and I wonder how rare it is. I am not by any means an avid photographer.
    Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I am not a book collector and am not asking for a valuation. Thank you very much.
    Geoff Tyrrel

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