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My phone line problem still hasn’t been resolved but I am able to get online again for longer than two minutes at a time…for now. Posting may remain sporadic for the next few days.

This is the third time I’ve written about Impressions de la Haute Mongolie, a 50-minute film made by José Montes-Baquer in the mid-70s in which Salvador Dalí is our guide on a phantasmic journey through micrographic landscapes. Dalí’s narration covers such diverse subject matter as Raymond Roussel, giant hallucinogenic mushrooms, Outer Mongolia and Adolf Hitler. The film turned up at Ubuweb a few years ago but without English subtitles. (A document with an English translation was added later.) Now YouTube user DrewBadly has added the English translation to a copy of the film he’s posted on his YT channel. It’s essential viewing for Dalí enthusiasts.

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3 thoughts on “Mongolian impressions”

  1. It’s great being able to enjoy it again. Is it just me or does the voice in your head read the subtitles in Dali’s English with his tubular vowels?

    Shame I had to cut it into chunks, youtube has a 15minute limit. I still have the full thing, I can upload it somewhere if anyone wants a copy.


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