The art of Henri Privat-Livemont, 1861–1936


left: Absinthe Robette (1896); right: Bitter Oriental (1897).

Henri Privat-Livemont, a Belgian artist and one of the best of the post-Mucha Art Nouveau stylists. I’ve featured his Absinthe Robette poster before but am including it again since it’s my favourite of the ones I’ve seen. All of these are from the Art of the Poster 1880–1918 collection at Lawrence University whose copies can be explored in extreme close-up.


Biscuits & Chocolat Delacre (1896).


Le Masque Anarchiste (1897).

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4 thoughts on “The art of Henri Privat-Livemont, 1861–1936”

  1. hello i have a ?. i recently discoverd in a sale alot of tiles all wraped nicly and when i layed them out it was Privat Livemonts Absenthe Robette.this came from a verry rich collectors items when he passed away and i wonder if i have a original or if u have heard of this

  2. We have an oil by Henri Privat-Livemont of trees at autumn along a stream. It is 3 feet by 4 1/2 high. It was purchased in the 1960’s in Antwerp. Did he do many of these oils?

  3. Hi Donna. This is only a post about an artist whose work I know from books, and what I know isn’t anything more than you’d find on Wikipedia. For further detail you’d need to find an art expert, and I’m afraid I don’t know any of those.

  4. I have the signed artist proof for Livemont’s Tropon Cocoa. The image is before the product name was printed onto the piece. How can I find out what this item might be worth and is it more desirable to a collector if it’s an artist proof?

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