Congratulations are in order…


…for Miss Melinda Gebbie and Mr Alan Moore on the day of their wedding. I can’t make it to Northampton today but here’s the delightful invitation that Melinda created which features a Fabergé egg adorned with views of San Francisco and the happy couple dancing inside. I hope the weather’s good for them.

Update: Neil Gaiman posted photos.

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  1. That’s right. Apparently he was having a special suit made but his head is too big (it’s official now!) for a top hat, hence the bowler.

  2. Film director Dez says he was intending on going up there with a camera so may return with some pics; we’ll see.

  3. From this weblog:

    It’s not every day you get to play the accordion at Alan Moore’s wedding! Eurovision party invitations had to be turned down yesterday for the happiest day of the life of the Greatest Living Englishman. It was last August when I was invited to curate the musical entertainments for the reception and so after noodling with the idea of forming a sort of proto-MFMO, recruiting the two rock bands I play in (Scarlet’s Well and the Gonzo Dog-Do Bar Band) seemed like the obvious thing to do, and it turned out to be the best decision as not only is Alan familiar with The Monochrome Set, there’s a Scarlet Well Road in Northampton, and Alan, Melinda and their friends are big Bonzos fans. Sorted!

    I got the 10.20am train up to Northampton with Gonzos sound man, BBC radio producer and MFMO viola player Mr Ben Walker and arrived at the St Andrew’s Psychiatric Hospital social club where some of Alan’s friends were preparing the room with lots of fun patchwork pictures of Alan and Melinda. drummygirl and internetsdairy arrived shortly thereafter and the rest of Scarlet’s Well and the Gonzo Dog-Do Bar Band arrived as we were finishing setting up the PA. We had finished soundchecking by 2pm and scurried out of the way while the guests arrived. Alan looked amazing in his green velvet coat and blue bowler hat! It was very exciting to meet Neil Gaiman, and I notice that he has namechecked the Gonzos in his blog.

    Around 3pm the Gonzos made their way to the stage for the first of three musical interludes of the evening. We waited on stage while the toasts were made. Alan started his speech with the words, “There are some who call me the Space Cowboy. Others refer to me as the gangster of love.” What a man! Alan and Mel then took to the dancefloor whereupon we struck up “We Were Wrong” by the Bonzo Dog Band, which Alan had specified as the first dance request over the phone during the week. Then we went straight into the second first dance which Alan had requested as a surprise for Mel: the Screaming Jay Hawkins version of ‘I Put A Spell On You’, which Matt Perret rendered in a spectacular Screaming Jay impersonation. The oompah rhythm lent itself very well to the accordion.

    Then we tried to avoid getting drunk before 7pm, when Scarlet’s Well did an hour-long set, which went fairly well I suppose, considering no-one there knew any of the songs. We even managed to get some people dancing to He’s Frank at the end.

    By the time the Gonzos went on at 9pm it was dark outside and people were merry enough to dance along to the Humanoid Boogie and Tent. When Alan wasn’t dancing he was sitting right by the stage singing along to every word of the song. He’s a big Bonzos fan! Talking to him afterwards he told me that should Matt not be able to make a gig and we need a new bootleg Viv then we need look no further than him. That I would like to see!

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