Alan Moore in Arthur magazine


Glykon and Asmodeus by Alan Moore (1994).

Alan’s lengthy 2003 interview with Arthur magazine is now online if you missed it the first time, wherein he “gives Jay Babcock a historical-theoretical-autobiographical earful about the connection between the Arts and the Occult”. And his equally lengthy piece on the history of pornography from Arthur #25 is also on the Arthur site.

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9 thoughts on “Alan Moore in Arthur magazine”

  1. i ave never seen that glycon pic before, have you a better quality version?

    i just got a copy of the mustard magazine interview, super cheap off the mustard website, damn good reading it is too.


  2. Your artwork is always so magnificent, adding a fourth dimension to Moore’s creations. Dense imagery.
    I was wondering if your artwork for his Snakes and Ladders CD is available? That fold-out mini-poster is amazing — I thought I saw it listed for sale somewhere like TopShelf in a larger version… or am I dreaming?

  3. Thanks Steven. No, the S&L art isn’t available in any form at the moment although I could certainly work up some posters for CafePress. Will consider doing that now you’ve asked.

    Top Shelf were selling the posters I did for The Highbury Working and Angel Passage but I think those are now sold out. Chris Staros wasn’t really interested in a reprint either.

  4. Yes, I think the S&L CD art would make beautiful posters; there are 2 sides: the S&L squares/game and the side illustrating scenes from the piece. And the cover you did based on the Crowley-Harris Universe Tarot card… so you have 3 possible posters, lol.

    You should do a Tarot deck, the 22 major arcana cards.
    I like your cover for Moore’s upcoming book on Magic, I hope you’ll have more inside!

    Yes, whenever I’ve checked, The Highbury Working and Angel Passage prints are sold out. Those cover and interior images are wonderful as well. The dense imagery of these CD works deserve a larger size to highlight your rich montage style.

    After I posted this, I looked over your art here on your site, just in case S&L… the Cthulu images are cool, scary. I hope one day you can do a coffee table book collection of your art.

    I have a 3 min YouTube vid where I put some images to an excerpt of Moore’s S & L reading. I show your CD cover at the end, and give you credit, kudos, and a link to your site in the sidebar.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. I did do a more contemporary Tarot design a couple of years ago:

    I keep intending to finish that off by doing the Minor Arcana in the same style.

    And I did make CafePress products available from the Highbury and Angel Passage posters. Those products tend to be expensive but it means the things are available in some form.

    As far as books go, I still have the 270 pages of the collected Reverbstorm to come out from Savoy Books at some point. And there’s a new project I’ve been working on for a few years which I’m trying to get into book form at the moment. But I’m not saying much about that just now; we’ll see if a publisher takes interest first.

  6. hello, I’m completely dumbfounded by these psychodelic artpieces! I love the Asmodeus piece…but when I tried to tile it, it seemed as if the left side of the pic had been chopped off…is this right? I would love to acquire a hi res version that succesfully tiles

  7. Hi Conzeit. Those pictures are colour photocopies which Alan made of his original drawings so it’s possible that the photocopying trimmed some of the edge. The easiest way to tile something is to copy half the picture and flip it over then keep duplicating the doubled image. That works quite well with this.

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