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  1. Yes, all his works seem to be self-portraits. There’s a whole subset of Flickr users exposing themselves like this. Tastefully, of course. :)

  2. Hopefully, the Flickr administrators are a little more open minded that the Photobucket ones.
    I wanted to post a picture into my LiveJournal the other day and found out that it had been taken off the server as being in breach of terms of service (why yes, it IS nudity)
    I was a little nonplussed – I have far more potentially offensive photos on there and they are all up and running still.
    So I loaded the contentious file on Flickr and posted the whole story on LJ.
    And I put the picture on my blog too for good measures
    What ? Contrary, me ?
    oh, sure.

    (tell me if YOU think it is SO bad: http://spacedlaw.blogspot.com/2007/05/at-back-of-things.html)

  3. Oh, that’s silly, they obviously didn’t look at it very closely. Flickr has a rule about no full nudity but they’re pretty lenient within that as far as I can see. And anything goes on Blogger judging by the amount of porn I see there (ahem). America is still a very Puritan nation unfortunately, as the Chocolate Jesus nonsense demonstrated.

  4. This photographer is no longer on Flickr. Does anyone know if and where his photos are currently? He had one photo in particular of himself reading a newspaper that I am trying to find.

  5. Hi Jody. I found these by accident, I’ve never had any contact with the photographer so can’t help you with any questions about his work.

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