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Jaipur peacocks


…or Indian palaces have the best doorways. These are from the City Palace, Jaipur, also home to what is claimed to be the world’s largest silver object. Previously on { feuilleton } • Jaipur Observatory panoramas • The Jantar Mantar

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Eno’s Luminous Opera House panorama


I’m a bit late with this one but better late than never. Brian Eno’s illuminated transformation of the Sydney Opera House, part of the city’s Luminous Festival, was widely publicised last month but I never got round to checking it out properly. This week Thom drew my attention (thanks Thom!) to this panorama by photographer […]

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Callanish Standing Stone panoramas


Following yesterday’s post, some panoramas of the standing stone complex at Callanish on the isle of Lewis in north west Scotland. The rest of Robin Wilson’s site is also worth exploring for his impressive range of views showing the beauty of Scotland in the summer months. (Apologies to anyone having trouble accessing the site over […]

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Jaipur Observatory panoramas


A shame I didn’t discover these 360º views of the Jaipur Observatory in January when I posted a series of panoramas from different cities. The structures at Jaipur are one of five extraordinary astronomical observatories built by the Maharajah Jai Singh II in the 18th century. Would be nice to see VR photos of the […]

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Infinite reflections


Fireflies on the Water by Yayoi Kusama (2002). One of my favourite contemporary artworks, Fireflies on the Water by Yayoi Kusama, receives a new showing at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Her mirrored room features 150 lights and a pool of water and while most photos show an impressive work, none of them can match […]

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Large Hadron Collider panoramas


With sound effects, yet, so it’s like you’re there. 360º views by Peter McReady. Via New Scientist. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The panoramas archive

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Passage des Panoramas


I thought I might have exhausted this line of pursuit until I decided to search for the Passage des Panoramas, one of the first of the Parisian arcades which so entranced Walter Benjamin. This particular arcade dates from 1799 and was named after the painted panoramas which used to be one of the attractions on […]

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Bruges panoramas


Do you detect a theme here? The 360º Cities site which I linked to yesterday won’t be news to some since its panorama views are now incorporated into Google Earth. I hadn’t fully investigated it before, however, so I wasted some time today wandering the streets of Bruges almost as you would in a computer […]

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Paris panoramas


Looking at panoramas of Venice yesterday reminded me of this panorama of my own which I pieced together after a trip to Paris two years ago. (See the very long version unsqueezed here.) The location was the small park at the point of the Île de la Cité where the Seine divides in two. For […]

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Venice panoramas


Piazza San Marco. Gilles Vidal‘s 360º panoramas are justly celebrated but some of his photos benefit more from the location than others. The cathedral of St Cecilia is a great example of this, as is the city of Venice in this remarkable series of views. As well as showing a few less obvious locations, Vidal […]

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The monstrous tome


So it arrived at last, yesterday in fact, the colossal volume that is A Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by HP Lovecraft from Centipede Press. Calling this a book is like calling the Great Pyramid of Cheops a pile of stones, technically accurate but the words somewhat fail to convey the existential reality. This is the […]

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Set in Stone


Urban Chiaroscuro 6: Paris (after Piranesi) (2007) by Emily Allchurch. Pitzhanger Manor-House in Ealing, London, hosts an exhibition with architecture as its theme, a suitable subject given that the house was designed by notable 18th century architect (and friend of Piranesi) Sir John Soane. Artist Emily Allchurch has some meticulous and clever photo-collage reworkings of […]

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St Pancras in Spheroview


The deteriorated Gothic splendour of George Gilbert Scott’s railway hotel at St Pancras station, London, in a series of 360 degree views. The empty building looks distinctly creepy in many of these panoramas, like unused maps for a computer game. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The panoramas archive Previously on { feuilleton } • […]

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Giant mantis invades Prague


Viriconium comes to life… Or should that be VR-conium? 360º panorama of this event. A giant praying mantis invaded Old Town Square in Prague today at 8:15 pm to the delight of hundreds of human onlookers, and a few horses too. The humanoid invaders, on extended springy legs, drove their giant insect through the Old […]

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Whirling Istanbul


Photography by Ekmel Ertan & Murat Germen. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The panoramas archive

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Why “Feuilleton”?

A number of people have asked this question, perhaps inevitably. Aside from liking the sound of the word and enjoying obscure words in general, there’s some vague justification in applying the term to an online journal. The 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica has this to say: FEUILLETON (a diminutive of the Fr. feuillet, the […]

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