Austrian arcades


The Passage of Palais Ferstel – Shopping Arcade, Vienna #1 by Gary Quigg.

Given their enclosed nature and multiple vistas, arcades are well-suited to panoramic photography, so it’s a surprise when more examples don’t turn up at 360Cities. The ones here are recent additions from Vienna and Steyr in Austria. The Palais Fertsel is a particularly lavish place with some suitably lavish shops which include a branch of the Xocolat chain of chocolatiers. The arcade in Steyr is an oddity since it seems to be filled with clock sellers and watchmakers, and has an elaborate mechanical clock poised above its crossing.


The Passage of Palais Ferstel – Shopping Arcade with Fountain, Vienna #3 by Gary Quigg.


Steyr, Upper Austria, A Clockwork Arcade by Roberto Scavino.

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