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  1. How about the Strand Arcade in Sydney.
    Not sure
    A)how to post an image instead of a link
    B) why this page should be from Germany rather than Australia



    PS The engraver you can see is where I got my wedding ring resized when I got married. My father give me his wedding ring as he never liked wearing it.

    Nicer looking down from above image of the Arcade here:


  2. Nice, reminds me of a place I found on the Champs Elysses. Interesting that the French invented arcades yet don’t seem to have many large examples while other countries took up the idea and built very grandiose ones. I notice there’s one in Melbourne as well, hadn’t realised they spread as far as Australia.

  3. We’re almost as British as the Indians (not the native American ones of course) here in the great land of Oz. Or at least we used to be. Barry Humphries, Clive James, et al

  4. It’s the Victorian side of Australian cities I often forget about. From the outside, Sydney and Melbourne often appear like many American cities, filled with big new buildings and very little older architecture. They’re like LA in that respect, the older stuff is there but it’s the newer buildings that receive all the attention.

  5. Here’s the local town hall where I live in Parramatta


    and here’s the Sydney Town Hall where Neil Gaiman did his talk and book signing at the Sydney Writers Festival not so long ago.



    Here’s the interior where he did the talk:

    http://singers.byu.edu/images/Sydney Town Hall August 1996.jpg

    Nice eh?

    Not as old as London buildings but pretty old for Aussie architecture.


    Here’s one of those horrible new buildings where myself and other people from work usually have coffee every other day.


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