Assorted peacocks


I have a peacock-heavy piece of art out next month so with that grasping for spurious relevance here’s a few more peacock discoveries.

Antoine Helbert‘s untitled peacock man is one of a number of striking portraits turning humans into birds. Via Chateau Thombeau.


Peacock styles, Anchor Buggy Co. (1897) at the Library of Congress.

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Dimitris Yeros


“For A Definition Of The Nude”.

After yesterday’s post I can’t resist repeating something seen at Fabulon, Thombeau and I both being cock fanatics (so to speak). Dimitris Yeros is a Greek artist and photographer whose site features a series of studies of male and female nudes juxtaposed with a variety of animals. This isn’t the only peacock photo, there’s also a female portrait and, in one of the other sections, that recurrent object of obsession, a naked man with a sword. As well as photography, Yeros presents examples of his very distinctive paintings.

While we’re on the subject of masculine eye candy, I’ve been enjoying some of the discoveries at Homotography (“Photography with homosexual tendencies”) not least their recent interview with Exterface, French masters of luscious homoerotica.

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