Coulthart calendars for 2012


I did have vague plans earlier this year for doing a new calendar but when work gets as busy as it has been you really need to plan these things weeks in advance and in the end I didn’t have the time. Since I created my psychedelic Alice in Wonderland calendar in 2009 I’ve had a number of requests to make it available again. It’s still the most popular thing I’ve sold at CafePress so this year I decided to reissue it along with last year’s equally psychedelic take on Through the Looking-Glass. Here they are:

Psychedelic Wonderland wall calendar at CafePress | A full preview of the pages

Psychedelic Looking-Glass wall calendar at CafePress | A full preview of the pages


Advice from a Caterpillar.


A Mad Tea-Party.





The Wasp in a Wig.

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