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Falling out with Oscar

Falling out with Oscar | John Gray, Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray.

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Two steps forward, one step back


My apologies to any visitors arriving here during the past week to find the site down. What should have been a straightforward upgrading of the hosting service became overly-extended due to compounded misunderstanding and poor communication. It didn’t help that I was also extremely busy catching up with work after the long bank holiday weekend. […]

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Yes to pansy but no to bugger: letters show censors’ war on permissiveness

Yes to pansy but no to bugger: letters show censors’ war on permissiveness

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Willy Pogány’s Parsifal


Bewilderèd Stood Parsifal. One of a set of illustrations by Willy Pogány (1882–1955) for Parsifal, or the Legend of the Holy Grail retold from Ancient Sources by TW Rolleston (1912) at the Camelot Project. Lots of other classic illustrators represented there including some I hadn’t come across before. Rolleston’s book featured many colour plates but I […]

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Pride 08 continued


Balloons in Bloom Street. Another day of the Pride weekend and despite my gloomy predictions the sun shone all day. Amazing. After eating little and walking/standing around all day I didn’t feel like waiting for Roisin Murphy’s set. Sorry Roisin. But I did watch Australian Abba copyists Björn Again who were great fun and went […]

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Manchester Pride 08


The Cruz bus flaunts its giant flag. It’s that time of year again as Manchester gives over its city centre to the flamboyant hordes. I was surprised that the afternoon weather—which has been singularly dismal this year—managed to be bright and even slightly warm while the Parade was in progress. Yes it’s August but this […]

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The start of something beautiful

The start of something beautiful | Terence Malick and Badlands.

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Sword boy


A photo by FantasyStock at deviantArt. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The men with swords archive

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Thomas Paul’s sealife


Thomas Paul’s melamine plates parallel Laura Zindel’s ceramics in their borrowing of natural history engravings. Anything which brings tentacles into home furnishing gets a vote here and the octopus design at the top right can also be found on Paul’s cushion designs. Jeff VanderMeer would probably bemoan the absence of the squid but I took […]

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Wood that Works by David C Roy


Falcon (2007). David C Roy‘s wooden sculptures are fine enough when viewed like this but really need to be seen in motion since these are all kinetic pieces. Roy’s website has a choice of animations for each work, from Flash diagrams to YouTube videos, all of which are fascinating to look at. Each piece is […]

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A revolution in the boardroom

A revolution in the boardroom | Why it pays to be gay.

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The art of Mahlon Blaine, 1894–1969


Nova Venus (1938). I doubt that illustrator Mahlon Blaine featured in any of the scurrilous porn books in Franz Kafka’s collection—he would have been too young, for a start—but his erotic work isn’t so far removed from some of the artists of The Amethyst and Opals. As usual with obscure talents of this period it’s […]

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Passage 10


My good friend Ed Jansen writes to inform me that a new edition of his web (and occasionally, print) magazine Passage has appeared. Contents can be seen above: musician Steven Brown, a member of the excellent Tuxedomoon with a separate solo career; artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare who’s been featured here several times; mythical […]

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Symphonie Diagonale by Viking Eggeling


This early piece of abstract cinema from 1924 is available for viewing in several locations—YouTube and Ubuweb have copies—but the best version can be seen at Europa Film Treasures. The film was originally silent so don’t feel too bad about watching with the sound off or with your own score to replace those which were […]

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Together Again in Different Time Zones

Together Again in Different Time Zones | David Byrne & Brian Eno.

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IKO stained glass


left: The Kiss; right: Male nude. Stained glass by IKO, aka Italian artist Diego Tolomelli. Elsewhere on { feuilleton } • The gay artists archive Previously on { feuilleton } • The art of Lucio Bubacco

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Excavation of the Lower East Side

Excavation of the Lower East Side | Richard Price from The Wanderers to The Wire.

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Kafka’s porn unveiled


Pages from Der Amethyst (1906) showing Reh-Inkarnation by Thomas Theodor Heine. Okay, don’t get too excited, I simply wanted to make a couple of points of order while this story is still causing a stir. I noted earlier the recent (London) Times piece about James Hawes’ new book, Excavating Kafka, described as a work which: […]

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The art of Jim Denevan


Land art by Jim Denevan, creator of the world’s largest freehand drawing. Previously on { feuilleton } • Lightmark • The Underwater Sculpture Gallery

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Maps of the Inferno


Dante’s Inferno, Map of Whole Hell (1587?). Continuing the theme of yesterday’s post, Wikimedia Commons has a substantial section devoted to Dante’s Inferno including some maps, the best being this one and another, both by Giovanni Stradano aka Stradanus (1523–1605). And taking a broader view, there’s Michelangelo Cactani’s depiction of Dante’s entire cosmos showing the […]

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A TV Dante by Tom Phillips and Peter Greenaway


More cult stuff from Ubuweb, you lucky people. Being a big Tom Phillips enthusiast I’ve been watching A TV Dante (1989) for years, having taped the one and only broadcast of the series. I also bought the accompanying booklet (below). This ambitious program, produced by the award-winning film director Peter Greenaway and internationally-known artist Tom […]

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Erwin Olaf


Boy 01 from the Rouge series. If footballers dressed like this I might be more interested in their wretched sport. Erwin Olaf produces some really remarkable photographic tableaux, this piece barely hints at his invention. His site has plenty of examples and—unlike many photography sites—manages to use Flash with some care. Via Fabulon.

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Cristalophonics: searching for the Cocteau sound


The enigmatic hibiscus: Le Testament d’Orphée (1960). Here’s a conundrum for you: what connects Jean Cocteau, Ravi Shankar, Doctor Who and March of the Penguins? Read on and all will become crystal clear…. This latest { feuilleton } examination of the byways of musical culture isn’t concerned so much with an individual artist, more with […]

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The power and the passion

The power and the passion | Francis Bacon.

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Pauline Baynes, 1922–2008


Pauline Baynes, who died earlier this week, was for a long while the only Tolkien illustrator of note. Her work was approved by Tolkien himself but faded from view as the JRRT spin-off industry began to expand in the late Seventies and other artists quickly crowded the field, many of whom lacked her subtlety and […]

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The art of Thayaht, 1893–1959


De la Fumée (1922). Artophile has a page of prints by Thayaht, a palindromic pseudonym concealing the identity of Italian artist Ernesto Michahelles whose fashion illustration differs from many of his contemporaries in its Futurist influence. I really like the stylisation of some of these, the way they’re caught midway between representation and abstraction. As […]

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Bernini, the Man of Many Heads

Bernini, the Man of Many Heads

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The Look presents Nigel Waymouth


This delightful piece of Art Nouveau-inflected grooviness is one of the new T-shirts designed by Nigel Waymouth for The Look via Topman. Waymouth, as some readers here may know, was part of Hapshash & the Coloured Coat in the late Sixties, London’s leading group of psychedelic poster artists. In addition to design, Waymouth and Sheila […]

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boring boring boring boring boring boring boring by Zach Plague


This multi-faceted design event from Featherproof Books turned up in the post recently, a book which actually deserves the designation “novel” for once. boring boring boring boring boring boring boring by Zach Plague manifests across a range of media—book, poster, compact disc—with the book being the most elaborately-designed work of fiction I’ve seen in a […]

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The art of Samuel F Stimpert


Icon II, Siddhartha Gotama in gas mask, 2003–2007. More bronze gas mask art at Samuel Stimpert’s site. Previously on { feuilleton } • Giant Skeleton and the Chocolate Jesus

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Franz Kafka’s porn brought out of the closet

Franz Kafka’s porn brought out of the closet

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Jerom photographed in a Jerome-studio fashion feature for Fantasticsmag.

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Chris Watson: Oceanus Pacificus


This is worth noting even though it’s nearly over, a short presentation of sound recordings by Chris Watson at the alt.gallery, Newcastle. Watson was a founder member of one of my favourite groups of the post-punk era, Cabaret Voltaire. He left CV in 1981 and shortly thereafter formed The Hafler Trio, an experimental audio outfit […]

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New things for August


Arriving in the post today was Steps of Descent, the new CD from American band Cyaegha featuring my design and illustration. The name Cyäegha (sic) belongs originally to a Cthulhu Mythos entity invented by Eddie C Bertin, author of The Whispering Horror, my favourite story from the Pan Book of Horror anthologies of the Seventies. […]

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George Pal’s Puppetoons


Tulips Shall Grow (1942). Film producer George Pal‘s run of fantasy and science fiction films are justly celebrated and include one particular favourite of mine, The Time Machine (1960). Prior to the 1950s, however, Pal was known for his distinctive animations using wooden puppets, a technique which acquired several names, Pal Doll, Madcap Models and […]

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The Mermaid by Howard Pyle (1910). A print of Howard Pyle’s wonderful mermaid painting adorns my bathroom and after looking at the Delaware Art Gallery page I’m surprised to discover that it was left unfinished. The Delaware gallery has more of Pyle’s work including his strikingly sparse pirate painting Marooned, which appeared on the cover […]

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