William Burroughs gives thanks again


I posted the text of William Burroughs’ Thanksgiving Prayer last year as there wasn’t a copy of Gus Van Sant’s film version available anywhere. YouTube has now filled that gap.

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3 thoughts on “William Burroughs gives thanks again”

  1. For some reason, this was shown prior to screenings of Jarman’s “Edward II” when it was first released. At least in Chicago. Needless to say, people loved it!

  2. Yeah, I can see this would have complemented a Derek Jarman film.

    I knew the reading from his Dead City Radio album but for a long time the only place I’d seen the film was when it was screened on TV as part of some crappy U2 tour! Shouldn’t complain really, those gigs he got later in life made his retirement a lot more pleasant than it would have been otherwise.

  3. A great assessment of one of my least favorite holidays. Too much food in America, and it tends to go into the people who really don’t need to be eating.

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