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Archive for July 21st, 2006


The music of The Wicker Man


Left: The scarce first edition of the Hamlyn novelisation. From the Coulthart library. I realised some years ago that all my favourite films have great soundtracks, almost without exception. Something about the blend of drama and well-chosen music really excites me, so it’s no surprise that The Wicker Man would appeal, having as it does […]

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Picture worth a thousand words

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An announcement


The international committee to choose the winner of the Jack Trevor Story Memorial Cup has at last been selected. The jury consists of Mr John Coulthart (UK), M. Jean-Luc Fromental (France), Mr Michael Moorcock (UK), Mr Martin Stone (France) and Mr Jeff VanderMeer (USA) who will meet to confer in the course of the following […]

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Shriek: An Afterword

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Music on Cross Street


Sparsely-attended but very worthwhile performance at the Unitarian Chapel this evening by Steffen Basho-Junghans (above) and Danny Saul (below).

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“feed your head”