Geneviève Vix’s Salomé


Geneviève Vix (1926) by P. Godard.

The poster below turned up recently at Beautiful Century, a promotional piece for the Richard Strauss opera in which the splendidly named French soprano Geneviève Vix (1879–1939) took the role of Salomé. The portrait of Mademoiselle Vix by Kees Van Dongen is of interest for the link it provides to a woman of the period who didn’t need to act Salomé, she was pretty much a femme fatale in her own right, the fiery Luisa Casati. Van Dongen was one of many artists commissioned to immortalise the heiress before her fortune ran out, and he painted her on at least two occasions. Some of the portraits can be seen in an eye-popping post at Fashion’s Most Wanted while over at Strange Flowers you’ll find the Scarlet Marchesa is a recurrent woman of consequence.


Geneviève Vix / Salomé (1920) by Jacques Carlu.


Mademoiselle Geneviève Vix dans le rôle de Salomé (1920) by Kees Van Dongen.

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Salomé posters


Salome (1918).

You can’t keep a bad girl down… Attempting to gather all the painted representations of Salomé would be a foolish enterprise, there are far too many especially when you reach the 19th century, an age whose misogyny found an ideal expression in the emasculating temptress. Searching through 20th century adaptations yields some interesting works, however.

Theda Bara’s film pre-dates the more flamboyant Nazimova version by five years, and since I haven’t seen it I’ve no idea how it holds up today. But from the look of the stills and posters it seems far closer to the usual historical fare than the stylised version which followed.

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