More decorated books from the Netherlands


left: Jan Toorop (1898); right: no designer credited (1904).

A search this week for work by Dutch designer Chris Lebeau (1878–1945) turned up another collection of fantastic decorated covers and prints from the Netherlands, running from the Art Nouveau period through Art Deco up to the 1940s. I found some Lebeau pieces but the big surprise was also discovering a number of cover designs by the Symbolist artist Jan Toorop (1858–1928). Toorop’s highly-stylised draughtsmanship easily lends itself to graphic design but I’ve never seen cover illustration mentioned in any discussion of his work. The site doesn’t have any text in English but the pictures are well worth a browse.

Update: Well…the pictures were worth a browse but the site is currently offline, all the links now go to a domain holding-page.


left: Albert Angus Turbayne (1913); right: CA Vlaanderen (1919).

The peacock cover is a variation on an earlier design by Albert Angus Turbayne.


left: Chris Lebeau (1924); right: AP Hahn Jr. (1931).

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Jugend, 1898


Continuing the delve into back issues of Jugend magazine, the German fin de siècle periodical of “art and life”, this post covers the year 1898. As before, Jugend was so copiously illustrated that the selection here can only scratch the surface. Anyone wanting to see more of these graphics is advised to explore the bound volumes at the Heidelberg University archive. The two books for 1898 can be found here and here.


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