Fortune illustrators


Chemicals by Ronald Searle, November 1963.

More from the pages of Fortune magazine via the labour of love which is the VTS archive. A good reminder of the degree to which some magazines used to support many different kinds of illustrators and designers. The serious piece by Ronald Searle was a surprise since I thought he’d given up that kind of work by 1963. Below there’s a 3D caricature of Robert Kennedy by Gerald Scarfe.


Poster Portfolio by Cassandre, 1937.


Incantation by Charles Sheeler, 1946.


RCA Building by Walton Blodgett, date unknown.

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Fortune in June


Paolo Garretto (1933).

I always enjoy the month of June if the weather is decent. This week happens to be very sunny and relatively warm, the first time in years that the month’s weather hasn’t been wet, windy, and even cold. In celebration, here’s some June magazine covers which avoid the usual seasonal imagery. All are from an excellent collection of Fortune cover designs at VTS.


Antonio Petruccelli (1937).


Hans Barschel (1938).


Charles Sheeler (1939).

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