Seeing Calvino: Invisible Cities


Continuous Cities 4: Cecilia by Leighton Connor.

Seeing Calvino is the most recent of the illustration projects featured this week, a group effort by three artists—Leighton Connor, Matt Kish and Joe Kuth—dedicated to picturing all 55 of the Invisible Cities. Matt Kish has been mentioned here before since he and I were among the many artists adapting literary works for The Graphic Canon (2012), a huge three-volume endeavour edited by Russ Kick. (Matt chose Moby-Dick while I worked on the rather less daunting Picture of Dorian Gray.) The depictions for Seeing Calvino are bold, vivid, and almost abstract at times. The trio completed their Invisible Cities project in April this year but there’s a promise on their Tumblr to commence work on an adaptation of Calvino’s astronomical fantasia, Cosmicomics.


Thin Cities 4: Sophronia by Matt Kish.


Cities and the Sky 1: Eudoxia by Joe Kuth.

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