Le Città In/visibili


Thin Cities 3: Armilla by Luca Enoch.

Sergio Bonelli Editore, an Italian comics publisher, staged an exhibition of art based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities at the Triennale Milano in 2002. The drawings for Le Città In/visibili head in the opposite direction from Mikhail Viesel’s depictions, and in several pictures push the cities towards generic fantasy and science fiction. These images are from an extinct page on the publisher’s website although they may also be seen on the current site with a little searching. The publisher doesn’t offer much information, however, so while the artists are identified it’s less clear which cities are being depicted. I’ve noted the more obvious ones; Calvino obsessives can have fun guessing which the others might be.


Laura Zuccheri.


Thin Cities 2: Zenobia by Maurizio Dotti.


Continuous Cities 1: Leonia by Giancarlo Alessandrini.


Cities and Desire 4: Fedora by Ivo Milazzo.


Sergio Toppi.


Cities and Eyes 3: Baucis by Angelo Stano.


Roberto De Angelis.


Corrado Roi.


Hidden Cities 4: Theodora by Giovanni Ticci.

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4 thoughts on “Le Città In/visibili”

  1. Thank you, John. Fantastic. As a Calvino obsessive, these illustrations are great.

  2. Thanks John, I have a fond memories of these artists, as I grew up reading Bonelli comics, especially Dylan Dog, drawn by Corrado Roi used to scare the hell out of me…

  3. Hi John

    Love the different representations – especially the Zuccheri – but my favourites are the Gerard Trignac illustrations for a special edition which you have not reproduced.

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