Lovecraft’s Monsters unleashed


I posted my illustrations for this anthology back in December, after which Tachyon also asked me to create a cover for the book, something that hadn’t been planned at the outset. Lovecraft’s Monsters, edited by Ellen Datlow, is in the shops this month so here’s the cover and a few of my page layouts from the interior. I’m very pleased with this one so it’s been good to hear it’s been selling well already, and picking up positive reviews. My illustrations may be seen at large size here while the book itself should be available via all the usual outlets. If you insist on shopping in a river filled with piranhas then here’s a link. (That fish head on the cover is based on a piranha as it happens.)

The big Lovecraft collection from Centipede Press, A Mountain Walked, was also supposed to be out this month but the release has been bumped (again) to May 2014. It’s a huge volume so I’m not surprised if it’s taking longer than expected.




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3 thoughts on “Lovecraft’s Monsters unleashed”

  1. Unspeakable (suitably).
    I loved how truly Coulthartian visual references to / quotations from the tarot sneaked into some of the illustrations.

  2. Thanks. The Tarot design in the Neil Gaiman one is from the story, something he mentions in passing.

  3. I still need to read this! I had a feeling there was something subtly tarot-esque in some of the other pictures (such as the last one) fearful symmetry.

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