Light Leaks


A scattered array of fifty mirror balls reflect light from three projectors, filling a room completely with small reflections, casting patterns that fill the visitor’s peripheral vision. Creating a curious space that alternates between a meditative state, and an uneasy imbalance. An experiment in combining a found object with computer vision to create a profound and unusual experience.

I’ve always liked mirror balls so Kyle McDonald’s combination of the traditional mirror-ball effect (multiplied fifty times) with three-dimensional computer mapping has an obvious appeal. The pictures here link to a small promo video. I’d love to see this in situ; I also wonder what it might look like in a mirrored room like those created by Yayoi Kusama. There’s more at Wired where McDonald discusses the technical aspects.


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  1. I once saw an installation (at the Power Plant in Toronto) that consisted of large disco balls hanging from the ceiling just above the floor. They were slowly spinning and they had text projected onto them, which resulted in a wordstorm onto the walls and visitors. It was pretty rad. I’d love to know the artist’s name.

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