Valenti Angelo’s Salomé


And still they come… Valenti Angelo (1897–1982) was an American printmaker, author of several books for children and the illustrator of an estimated 250 classic works of fiction including this 1945 edition of Wilde’s Salomé for Heritage Press. Angelo has an engagingly simple style in this and other works, reminding me of David Sheridan’s Tarot designs. The Internet Archive has a copy of his illustrated The Imitation of Christ with drawings reminscent of Eric Gill’s woodcuts.

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2 thoughts on “Valenti Angelo’s Salomé”

  1. Those pages are beautiful. With the flat colours and uniform line width, it brings to mind modern vector illustration.

  2. I own a “The Song of Song which is Solomon’s” illustrated and illuminated by Valenti Angelo (Heritage Press, 1935). Just lovely especially because the initials are made with pure gold ink! HIs style is so special.

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