Charles Méryon revisited


Le Petit Pont (fifth state) (1850).

A short piece about the Paris etchings of Charles Méryon (1821–1868) was one of the first posts I made here. I’ve little to add to what I said four years ago other than to point out that the Internet Archive has The Etchings of Charles Méryon available for download, a rather fine collection of the artist’s Piranesi-like renderings of the city. The view below of Pont-Neuf through one of the Seine bridges is very Piranesian indeed and makes me wish Méryon had been as productive as his predecessor was with his Vedute di Roma.


La Galerie Notre-Dame (third state) (1853).


Le Pont-Neuf et La Samaritaine (third state) (1855).

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4 thoughts on “Charles Méryon revisited”

  1. John, speaking of etchers have you looked at the wonderful etchings of American artist Peter Milton?

    The long awaited 25th Anniversary edition of John Crowley’s novel Little,Big features art by Peter Milton, and it is extraordinary how appropriate it is to the book.

  2. Thanks, Anne. As you’ve noticed, I’ve seen Peter Milton’s remarkable work already but not looked at any for a while. He seems to have added more to his site since I was there last.

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