The art of Michael Hutter


Stadtlandschaft I (City I) (1999).

Michael Hutter‘s work is pitched at that enjoyably nebulous zone which lies on the borderlands of fantasy, science fiction and Surrealism, from which hybrid visions emerge that are never too defined in one direction or another. It’s a zone that French and Belgian artists often visit but whose inhabitants from other nations often seem all too few. Hutter’s art encompasses oil paintings and also ink drawings which include some erotic scenes like the example below. His site is well worth a browse, especially the vast and detailed Triptych which recalls similar works by Wayne Barlowe and Hieronymus Bosch. For more inhabitants of the nebulous zone, see the archive link below.


Pterdactyl II.

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  1. I just happened upon this on the sidelines of your blog, I guess I never saw it when you initially posted. This guy reminds me almost, in terms of imagery, of a Lovecraft/Burroughs influenced Rabelais. I could easily see someone like Hutter collaborating with an author like Jeff Vandermeer as well. Great stuff.

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