Heinrich Vogeler’s illustrated Wilde


The Fisherman and his Soul.

It’s always satisfying when a search intended to satisfy curiosity turns up more than you expect. The subject in this case was German artist Heinrich Vogeler (1872–1942) and the surprise was finding these illustrations for a German collection of Oscar Wilde stories lurking in the archives of the Visual Telling of Stories site. The stock of imagery there is substantial and wide-ranging but the search facility stopped working a while ago and has now been removed so you either have to hit things at random or hope for happy accidents such as this. Vogeler’s volume dates from 1911 and while his draughtsmanship isn’t as assured as some of his contemporaries there’s enough going on to make me want to see more of his illustration work.


The Young King.

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  1. Hi John,
    I took the liberty of including your figure in my blog post today http://goo.gl/nc7Zz, and I linked the figure directly to this site. I could not find any copyright restrictions, but I hope that you like the context of the illustration.
    Kevin Morgan aka FitOldDog

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