4 thoughts on “8 out of 10 cats prefer absinthe”

  1. I don’t think he had any pets, they probably would have spoiled his beautiful house. According to Arthur Machen–who used to meet him in the Café Royal–he didn’t enjoy absinthe very much either.

  2. Believe it or not, there is a little science behind the “Cats & Absinthe Theory”. Cats like to drink sweet things, milk, sugar water etc. They will even drink antifreeze so be careful. Anyway, the herbal smell and sweet taste of absinthe does attract cats. When ever I pour an absinthe, it is like I opened a can of tuna.


  3. Absinthe has certainly been proven over the years.
    But here’s another one – celery leaves. Yep – celery leaves will turn your cat into a kitten.
    Has anyone tried celery leaves?

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