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Alan Moore: Storyteller


Another book out this month from Ilex Press (the Lambshead anthology should be out in the US today), Alan Moore: Storyteller is an illustrated biography of Mr Moore by comics writer and artist Gary Spencer Millidge whose 50th birthday tribute Alan Moore: Portrait of An Extraordinary Gentleman appeared in 2003.

Subjects covered include rarely-seen early work, breakthrough UK comics, the hugely successful American work that brought comics to a wider, adult audience, and the genre-defying independent stories of the 1990s, up to his current alternative periodical, Dodgem Logic.

Of equal interest, and covered in full here, are Moore’s other endeavours: freedom of speech; magic and ritual; performance art; anarchism; self-publishing; and supporting the arts in his native Northampton, amongst others. (more)

My copy is on its way, apparently, so I haven’t seen the contents yet but it should include some of my designs and illustrations for the Moon & Serpent CDs. The book also includes a 19-track CD of songs, readings, and performances by Alan and co. I’m looking forward to this one.


My insert for the Snakes & Ladders CD (2003).

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    He stole the title from Ray Davies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bhDoiRdHOI






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