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The art of Alia Penner


Kenneth Anger poster (2009).

Alia Penner, like Arik Roper, is another talented member of the omniversal Arthur posse as well as being an illustrator, designer and photographer in her own right. Her title designs opened the Missoni promotional film which Kenneth Anger directed earlier this year, and her work on paper follows a distinctly psychedelic path. The new piece below reminds me a little of Wilfried Sätty’s colour collages with its spots and eggs and butterflies. There’s more gorgeous work to be seen here.


Somewhere (2010).

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  1. #1 posted by Gabriel McCann


    The b&w girl just reminds me of some of Gilliam’s Python animations

  2. #2 posted by John


    Well Max Ernst started it… Not collage but using engravings specifically. In the essay I wrote about Sätty’s work I mentioned Gilliam for developing his style at the same time as Sätty. Both had a precursor in Norman Rubington whose “Fuzz Against Junk” series used engravings to comic effect a few years before Gilliam:







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