Alan Moore: Tisser l’invisible


Arriving in the post this week was Alan Moore: Tisser l’invisible from French imprint Les Moutons Électriques. The book is a substantial collection of appreciative texts and analyses of work by the Northampton Ipsissimus edited by Julien Bétan, and, as the title would imply, is in French throughout. A couple of the pieces are reprints which I presume are receiving their first translation here. Michael Moorcock’s Homage to Cornucopia first appeared in Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman and is also reprinted in Moorcock’s Into the Media Web which I designed and Savoy Books published earlier this year.


Best thing for me about the French collection is seeing some of my Moore-related work printed in colour as a mini gallery at the front of the book. There are two of the poster designs for the Moon & Serpent CDs, The Highbury Working (above) and Angel Passage, and also my 1999 portrait of Promethea and the Kabbalistic Underground map which I created as a design of my own and Alan subsequently incorporated into the Promethea comic series.

And speaking of Mister Moore, issue 6 of Dodgem Logic is now on sale sporting a cover which can either be interpreted as a gloomy Halloween design or a faithful depiction of the nation’s slough of despond; you decide.

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  1. Thanks, I find that one a little effects-heavy now. If I was doing it today there wouldn’t be the same amount of glowing and bevelling.

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