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Archive for February 25th, 2009


Philip José Farmer, 1918–2009

top left: artist unknown (1969); top right: Patrick Woodroffe (1975) bottom left: Peter Elson (1988); bottom right: artist unknown (1995) The great science fiction writer Philip José Farmer died today. I wrote about his more excessive works back in August 2007 and that post is as good an obituary as I could offer now. A […]

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Why I judge albums by their covers

Why I judge albums by their covers | A note to JJ: Pearls Before Swine had Bruegel on one of their covers in 1968.

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The art of Paul Richmond


Forgive Me Father For I Know Not. Paul Richmond explores the development of his sexuality in a fascinating series of paintings which adeptly blend figurative and abstract elements. Some of these resemble painted Photoshop collages which may well be how they started out. If so he’s one of the first painters I’ve come across who […]

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“feed your head”