4 thoughts on “Icky Thump by the White Stripes”

  1. Content in their own world, jack and Meg are now free to continue down roads of their own choosing since the spotlight left them after Elephant. The noises you can hear are the trainer’d feet of a million ‘kids’ moving on to the next hot band. Artic Monkeys or some other disgrace. All praise to Get Behind Me Satan for ensuring such an outcome. If not their Trout Mask Replica, it was at the very least their Safe As Milk…

  2. Dave B and I were discussing this week the Stripes’ anglophilia. Seems to be more of it in evidence here: the “ecky thump”-derived title, a song about rag and bone collectors and those pearly kings and queens outfits. Fascinates me the way they can take foreign things like this and make them seem naturally their own. Gawd bless ’em!

  3. Yes, isn’t Jack W now married to a ‘northern lass’? And then there’s the excellent Under Blackpool Lights DVD… Straight down to the record shop on Monday for me, then.

  4. Yes, Jack’s wife is from Oldham, by ‘eck. So she’s nearly a Manchester girl.

    Blackpool DVD is good although the location makes me shudder. The two live things I prefer is an unofficial DVD of their recent Glastonbury set and a bootleg called Black Math in Boston from 2003, one of the best shows of theirs I’ve heard.

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