4 thoughts on “Bromantics: straight men with gay best friends”

  1. I agree, as usual the guys keep the flattering terms for themselves. I’ve always found “fag-hag” to be a nasty term, doesn’t even sound nice as a word.

  2. This is the story of my life. Gay male here who has always been the “gay guy that straight men like to pal around with” because according to them I do not seem threatening gay…or something. I am not always sure. I have one such long term relationship that has evolved over the years.

    I think there are a lot of “gay princes who are advisors to the straight king? which describes this relationship. Think Duke Ellington (straight) and Billy Strayhorn (gay). This is a very unexplored topic, I think. Thanks for linking to it.


  3. I identify with this as well since my best friend of 25 years is straight. I welcome it if more guys are happy having gay friends, it improves things for everyone.

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