Happy birthday { feuilleton }


It was a year ago today that I sat down and wrote some words of Charles Fort’s, “One measures a circle beginning anywhere…”, as a headline for the first entry on this page. Some posts over the ensuing year have been more popular than others (and it should be pointed out that the “most popular” list in the sidebar has only registered hits since a new plugin was activated). Referral links and Del.icio.us adds are a good guide to popularity so here’s the top five:

Watchmen (June 24th). An old Fantasy Advertiser interview with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons about their graphic novel masterwork. I knew this would be popular, not least because it’s one of the best interviews I’ve read about Watchmen, and one conducted quite soon after the story had been completed. Good to be reminded that the book’s creation owed as much to the artist as it did to the writer. As Alan Moore’s popularity has grown there’s been a tendency on the part of critics to see him as the sole author of his comics, all of which are collaborations with different artists who invariably contribute to the work themselves. From Hell artist Eddie Campbell has recently been showing examples of these working methods on his excellent weblog, The Fate of the Artist.

Atomix by Nike Savvas (August 5th). A big surprise this. I spotted pictures of this installation in passing on a Yahoo! news page, thought it looked interesting so made a little entry about it. Many hits later people are still searching for pictures. Ms Savvas would be advised to tour this artwork, people love it.

Aldous Huxley on Piranesi’s Prisons (August 25th). Another scanned article and another surprise. I remember thinking ?no one will want to read a long-dead writer talking about a long-dead engraver.? The moral, then, is never underestimate your audience.

The boys (various dates). Despite the groaning tubes of the interweb being stuffed with every shade and variety of porn, some pictures of unclothed young men remain more popular than others. So people arrive here searching for Eugen Bauder (very popular indeed), Felipe Von Borstel, Brian Joubert and others. I often feel as though I should apologise for not having any exclusive material but surfers of the one-handed variety are probably only stopping by for a moment before flitting elsewhere.

Barney Bubbles: artist and designer (January 20th). Very gratifying that this has been received with enthusiasm as this is the kind of post I like best, something that makes up for gaps in the pool of web data. These entries take time to prepare so it’s good to know that people appreciate the effort; I’m hoping there’ll be more to come (work allowing) in 2007.

Thanks for reading!

John x

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday { feuilleton }”

  1. Well done good sir!
    I wonder if ‘most popular’ and ‘most personally satisfying or enjoyable’ have a lot of common ground on a venn diagram hmm? I have some regrets about the quality of a few of my ‘most popular’ entries. And the most satisfying to me are probably less than earth shattering to the webosphere. So it goes..

  2. Thanks folks and hello Mr Peacay (host of the marvellous Bibliodyssey).

    People are endlessly fickle and unpredictable, aren’t they? One of the things you learn creating anything for public consumption is the disparity between what satisfies you and what satisifies your audience. But it’s good to have an audience, fickle or not.

  3. You should do what I do every time it’s my birthday or someone’s birthday that I like which is to put on the White Album Disc 2 Track 1 and play it full blast.
    I bought my CD when they were still numbering them (mine is #4733) although that distracts a bit from the Whiteness of the cover and alse The BEATLES is in gray instead of white.

    How many entries did you manage to make in 365 days or is it too hard to keep count.

    “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do” – Harry Nilsson

  4. Never thought of playing Birthday on a birthday, to be honest. However, it’s in iTunes along with some other birthday tracks such as Peter’s Birthday by Ozworld (obscure psychedelia), The Sewage Worker’s Birthday Party by Coil (unpleasantly oleaginous), Osamu’s Birthday by The United States of America (more obscure psychedelia) and two albums by that fine Australian band, The Birthday Party.

    How many entries did you manage to make in 365 days or is it too hard to keep count.

    WordPress gives you stats so I can tell you that the current count is “461 posts and 474 comments, contained within 39 categories.” More than I expected.

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