6 thoughts on “François Rousseau”

  1. Brian Joubert es muy muy pero muy güapo es muy lindo…Je T’ aime Brian !!!!

  2. i love brian, he’s a great skater. thanks to the photographer for this wonderful pictures!!
    brian tu es fantastic!

  3. Merci bcp pour ces superbes photos de mon idole, Brian Joubert! Est-ce que vous avez une collection plus grande de photos de lui?

    A bientôt!


  4. uh,i was hoping that these photos now are saved and not anyone can look at this.
    well,he was young and have needed the money ;)
    i prefer the on ice pictures cause there he is on the right place.specially in the jumps.he is anyhow all the time “on the jump” ;)
    but whatever,i agree,he´s just adoreble,fantastico,great…

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