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Archive for December 4th, 2006


High Priorities 2


I didn’t win but I made the second round apparently (along with 120 others…middle row in the above picture, second from the right). Congratulations to Spencer Fruhling whose winning design you can see at the bottom of this page. An interesting choice, there were a number of pastiche-based entries which I thought might be rejected […]

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Weird Tales: The Strange Life of HP Lovecraft

BBC Radio 3 gets hip to the squamous nightmares of HPL. Available to listen to online until next Sunday. Geoff Ward examines the strange life and terrifying world of the man hailed as America’s greatest horror writer since Poe. During his life Lovecraft’s work was confined to lurid pulp magazines and he died in penury […]

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Patrick Sarfati


Photography by Patrick Sarfati.

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Death from above


The apocalyptic spectacles of Romantic painter John Martin are routinely treated by art critics as kitsch, a dismissal which ignores the considerable power and perennial attraction that many of his best pictures possess. Kitsch is a bad thing, it seems, unless you’re Jeff Koons or Jake and Dinos Chapman. Martin’s most famous work, The Great […]

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