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Archive for July 19th, 2006


The Middle East now


Arthur magazine‘s recent feature on life in the Middle East by Daniel Chamberlin was an excellent mix of travelogue/reportage. Iraq and the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict aside, the region was fairly peaceful last year. How quickly things change. This is from the latest Arthur email bulletin. FROM ARTHUR CONTRIBUTING EDITOR DANIEL CHAMBERLIN: Last summer I went […]

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The art of Jessica Joslin


Diminuto, 7″x5″x6″ (2004) Antique hardware, bone, leather, cast painted glass eyes. Lupe, 11″x6″x16″ (2005) Antique hardware, brass, bone, glove leather, painted wood ball, glass eyes. Gorgeous stuff, reminds me of some of Jan Svankmajer‘s sculptural works (which are possibly an inspiration) but with an added dimension of Victorian playfulness. Via Boing Boing.

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