Leather boy


Visual Tales is another of those web magazines which presents us with fashion items few people would buy, garnished with or draped upon delectable examples of male pulchritude. I am not complaining. The tattooed object of desire is Dan Felton and the photos are by Bell Soto. Dan’s etiolated physique may not pass muster with many bondage enthusiasts but he gets my vote. Via VGL.


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The recurrent pose 31


Two more variations on the Flandrin pose. The photo above is by Chris Knight who has a selection of luscious homoerotica if you look in his “Human Form” gallery. Thanks again to Thom!

The picture below of French rugby player Maxime Médard is from a recent feature in Vanity Fair Italia with photography by Claudio Carpi. Although this deviates slightly from the customary posture, I try and thrown in some beef now and then for those who feel deprived by the surfeit of lithe and twinky creatures. Via VGL.


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Bad boy


Brett Reeves photographed by Peter Tamlin.

Yeah, I like the fetish look but all too often it’s been spoiled by ridiculous Tom of Finland-style moustaches. Brett Reeves, on the other hand….damn. Love the black nail polish and the tats; some of the clothes are pretty good too. This was from I Want to Do Bad Things to You, a great de-saturated photo spread by Peter Tamlin at Fantasticsmag. “Off-the-charts-sexy” says VGL which provided the tip. Can’t disagree with that.

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