Bad boy


Brett Reeves photographed by Peter Tamlin.

Yeah, I like the fetish look but all too often it’s been spoiled by ridiculous Tom of Finland-style moustaches. Brett Reeves, on the other hand….damn. Love the black nail polish and the tats; some of the clothes are pretty good too. This was from I Want to Do Bad Things to You, a great de-saturated photo spread by Peter Tamlin at Fantasticsmag. “Off-the-charts-sexy” says VGL which provided the tip. Can’t disagree with that.

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7 thoughts on “Bad boy”

  1. Hi Nate. I love it, best I’ve seen so far at Fantasticsmag.

    Thanks Nathalie!

  2. Thanks for this, John. This sort of material (leather, vinyl, etc.) fetishism has, at least in America, been too long associated with demeaning power games and the regrettable hyper-masculinity of Tom de la Finland. Not that these are unacceptable, but I like to see a softer side of the -philia. Mustaches make me think of the Village People.

  3. The Village People (and the late Mr Tom of Finland) were playing with one of those minor fetishes which somehow became exaggerated into a very widespread look in the late 70s (see William Friedkin’s morally dubious but historically fascinating film, Cruising). It was so widespread for a time that the word “clone” was used to denote guys dressed in lumberjack shirts and tight blue jeans sporting big moustaches; our leading gay shop here in Manchester is called Clone Zone as a result.

    All very well if you liked that look but I never did. Leather can be good, however, which is what makes this spread so appealing. My tastes surprise me sometimes: I like this kind of black gear yet I can be equally fetishistic about tight white cotton. Maybe they represent two extremes?

  4. We’re each into what we’re into, not much rhyme or reason to it. Trying to explain fetishes is like licking the wind.

    And I positively adore Cruising.

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