The art of Ralf Paschke


left: Safe n Sane; right: Larky.

A pair of paintings by German artist Ralf Paschke whose speciality—if it wasn’t already obvious—is male bondage. I’m fascinated by the single-mindedness at work here, some of the leather close-ups verge on the abstract. Vigorous and unsentimental stuff.

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2 thoughts on “The art of Ralf Paschke”

  1. I did’nt find another chance to contact so I try to do it in that way.

    I am honored that you have published 2 of my paintings but I have a problem with the first one. I painted it and I like it, but it is the first picture you can see when you write my Name in the search engine of Google.

    An that’s the problem. Please remome the first one or change it wit any other.


  2. Hi Ralf. I’ve followed your request, I hope the replacement picture looks okay. It make take a while for Google’s cached images to replace themselves, however.

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